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50pcs 3-Ply Disposable Face Mask with Widen Elastic Earloop White




All stock

About shipment :

This item can ship to the following nine countries  from China.


1. United States:Arrival in  about 5-8 Business Days

2. United Kingdom:Arrival in  about 5-8 Business Days

3. Germany:Arrival in  about 5-8 Business Days

4. Italy:Arrival in  about 5-8 Business Days

5. France  :Arrival in  about 5-8 Business Days

6. Spain:Arrival in  about 5-8 Business Days

7. Canada:Arrival in  about 8-15 Business Days

8. Netherlands:Arrival in  about 6-8 Business Days

9. Belgium:  Arrival in  about  6-8  Business Days


Our 3-Ply Disposable Face Mask provides a physical barrier to dust, dirt, debris, smoke and powder. Multi-layer design blocks air pollution to protect user. Folds expand to offer full coverage over nose and mouth. Nose piece along top of mask allow for a custom fit. Lightweight with elastic earloops, it is comfortable and easy to put on or take off. This face mask is ideal for use at home and in restaurants, beauty salons, nail shops, pet shops as well as other environments that require respiratory protection.

1. No glass fibers, hypoallergenic
2. Very low resistance to breathing
3. Nose bar adaptable
4. Perfect fitting
5. Ideal for use at home and in restaurants, beauty salons, nail shops, pet shops, etc

1. Single Mask Dimensions: (7.0 x 3.7)" / (18 x 9.5)cm (Not Including Earloops)
2. Total Weight (50pcs): 5.25oz / 150g
3. Color: White
4. Material: Spunbond、Melt Blown Fabric
5. Executive Standard: GB/T 32610-2016
6. Usage Cycle: One Time Use Only
7. Quality Guarantee Period: 2 Years

Package Includes:
50 x Disposable Masks / Box

1. It is highly recommended to change disposable face masks every four hours
2. Please allow 1-5mm differences due to manual measurement